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Service calls for food service equipment repair are common, with most calls related to water issues. With Superior Water Conditioners’ water treatment system, food service business owners need not encounter this problem all the time. By having a properly-sized water treatment product installed in their equipment, they can reduce the times they need to call repair services.

Our unique multi-field permanent magnetic water conditioner protects your food service equipment from scale and corrosion.

You may integrate our commercial water treatment system to your maintenance program. By keeping your machines free from corrosion and scale, you will achieve maximum utilization of your equipment to help increase profit margins and minimize downtime.

If you are interested in getting one of our magnetic water conditioners, know that you can use it on the following commercial food service equipment:

  • Ice Machines
  • Hot Drink Equipment
  • Steam Cookers
  • Dishwashers


Ice CubeCustomers who want their water, tea, soda, or other beverages cold typically request for ice in their drink. If you are a restaurant or food business owner serving cool and refreshing drinks to your customers, the quality of your ice must be good. Subpar ice negatively affects the taste of beverages and may result in customer dissatisfaction.

One possible cause of poor quality in the ice is that you used hard water in the ice machine. When your equipment contains hard water, the ice produced decreases the quality of the beverage. Additionally, hard water can shorten the lifespan of the machine, which may lead to more repairs or even replacement of the unit.

By installing our magnetic water treatment system, you make sure that your ice machine is churning out quality ice every time. By having a water treatment system for your ice maker, you get to serve quality iced beverages to your customers.

When you operate your ice machine with our non-chemical magnetic water conditioner, the water enters through a special treatment chamber with magnetic fields that are alternating, polarity reversing, and permanent. These magnetic fields temporarily change the ionic charge of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate, two minerals that naturally form scale.

The molecules in these minerals, therefore, act like similarly charged ions and repel one another. Once these minerals precipitate from the solution, they come out as aragonite talc.

Using our magnetic water treatment system on your ice machine is ideal for your food business. Our product offers the following advantages:

  • Corrosion Prevention for Ice Machine Components – The aragonite talc resulting from the ionic change of magnesium carbonate and calcium carbonate plays a role in protecting your ice machine from corrosion. The thin film coming from the soft aragonite stick to the wetted plumbing surfaces and stop elements such as free oxygen from corroding your machine’s metal components.
  • Efficient Production – Water flows better when scale and other impurities do not obstruct the plumbing system in your machine. With water flowing freely, your machine releases ice more efficiently, allowing you to produce more iced drinks for your customers.
  • Less Cleanup – Cleaning out scale buildup in the ice machine can be time-consuming. By using our unique water treatment system, you’ll spend less time cleaning your machine and more time focusing on your business.

On top of these benefits, our magnetic water conditioner is simple to install. You may connect the water treatment system to your machine with these simple steps:

  • Hold the float valve of your ice machine wide open and measure it to help you identify the maximum flow rate of your equipment.
  • Install our water conditioner vertically in the raw water make-up line (you may request us to do this for you).

If you need more information regarding our proprietary magnetic water conditioner, feel free to give us a call at 260.456.3596.

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An appliance that produces hot coffee or other hot drinks needs a treatment system that effectively stops the formation of scale. A piece of equipment that does not have such a treatment system may churn out a low-quality hot beverage. Scale that builds up inside the appliance negatively affects the quality of the drink and may cause dissatisfaction among customers. The good news is you can prevent this situation from happening by having a water treatment system for your coffee shop.

Apart from ice machines, you can use our magnetic water conditioner as an inline water conditioner for your coffee machine. Once you set up our coffee machine water treatment system on your appliance, you can reap these benefits:

  • Prevents the Accumulation of Scale – Scale insulates heating coils quickly in coffee makers due to the constant heating of cold, hard water and the appliances’ small diameter tubing. Furthermore, the buildup of scale cuts down the appliance’s efficiency, requiring more energy to work. Our magnetic water conditioner controls this buildup.
  • Minimizes Service Calls – Scale accumulation in the coffee maker may lead to the premature failure of the heating element, as well, and this requires fixing. Our product decreases the magnesium and calcium that builds up in the heating coils.
  • Extends the Life of Your Appliance – Our water treatment system prolongs the lifespan of your appliance by preventing the formation of scale and corrosion. It means you can use your equipment for years to come.

Steam Cookers

Another cooking appliance that is susceptible to water quality-related failure is the steam cooker. When this appliance enables hard water to evaporate into steam, it leaves behind calcium carbonate and other impurities. These minerals harden and crystallize, creating insulation between the water and the heat medium. The insulation makes steam production difficult for the cooker. It also makes the cooking appliance less efficient, as the machine needs more energy to generate steam.

Fortunately, our magnetic water treatment system is here to rescue the situation. Our water conditioner controls the accumulation of scale to allow the steam cooker to operate at maximum efficiency.

Dishwashers (and Other Commercial Appliances)

Hard water creates problems in dishwashers, as scale insulates the steam heat exchange tubes. The accumulation of scale will lead to inefficient heat transfer. It could also damage the dishwasher by rupturing or burning out the heating element.

Instead of letting hard water and mineral deposits affect the performance of your dishwasher or damage the components of your appliance, install our magnetic water conditioner. Doing so obstructs the formation of scale and keeps your dishwasher in good working condition.

Our magnetic water treatment system also reduces surface tension, minimizing spotting on dishes and silverware.

Apart from ice machines, hot drink equipment, steam cookers, and dishwashers, you can use our proprietary magnetic water conditioner for any commercial appliance that utilizes water.


Our proprietary multi-field permanent magnetic water conditioners come with a technology different from our competitors’. Our product conditions the water by making water minerals enter into a state of suspension. Rather than becoming a hard calcite scale, these minerals turn into soft and easily removable aragonite talc.

The process behind our water conditioning treatment preserves the operating life and efficiency of ice machines, dishwashers, coffeemakers, and other appliances that use water. When you install our magnetic water treatment system in your restaurant or coffee shop, it delivers results that are better than typical reverse osmosis, water softening, and mineral reduction.

Installing Magnetic Water Treatment Systems for Your Food Service Equipment

With our magnetic water conditioning system, you protect your bottom line by preventing the formation of scale and corrosion on commercial appliances. Our family-owned and operated company stands by the quality of our products and dealers.

When it comes to installing our magnetic water treatment systems, count on our team to get the job done correctly. We’ve done more than 400,000 successful installations of our product.

Even when we’ve completed your water conditioner installation, you may still approach us for assistance or inquiries. We offer technical after-sales support so you could respond to your concerns.

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