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An amazing thing since the start has been the clarity of the water and almost everyone who looks at the system (including water chemical field technicians and a mechanical engineer from TVA) are amazed. This system will provide a savings of about $3,500 per year in chemical cost, eliminate the hazard of handling the toxic water treatment material and stop the dumping of chemicals into the sewer system. I am very pleased with the performance of the system.

Carmel Lee

Cookeville General Hospital

The magnetic system used 70% less blowdown and removed 51% more calcium (CaCO3) from the tower water than chemical treatment. The Ryzner index for the magnetic system was fairly neutral while the chemical system indicated a scaling condition.

The chillers in M22A ran 11% more efficiently than the previous year when they were chemically treated. Sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide, phosphonic acid, and defoaming agents were eliminated from M22A’s tower water. However, chlorine and bromine were utilized to prevent high bacteria levels, slime, and algae growth. Nevertheless, the magnetic water conditioning system proved to be effective compared to conventional chemical tower water treatment.

Eric Sussman

Eli Lilly and Company

The spa water is much brighter and crisper and it has cut down on my chemical usage overall. Instead of the very strong chlorine and dirty water smell, it now has a light chlorine, very clean, crisp water smell. The air bubbles are larger and the foam is much whiter, so that means it’s clean. It enhanced the water all the way around! The daily maintenance is much easier.

Harry Teige

Carillon Retirement Community Club House

Our boiler is much cleaner with the Superior unit than when we used chemicals. The Superior unit saves our company thousands of dollars each year. In fact, we’ve recommended this unit to over 30 other companies and engineers, including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Bob Bernardin

Protective Coatings, Inc.

Since the Superior units were installed 18 months ago, I have totally removed the eight (8) Kinetico water softeners that softened the water at both facilities. The initial expense of the units was $12,000.00.

Here is a complete breakdown of total savings per year since the installation of the Superior units:
Savings of the cost of salt per year – $5,000.00
Savings in chemicals per year – $2,490.00
Natural gas savings at 30% – $4,500.00 (based on this year’s current rate)
Boiler maintenance savings per year – $600.00
Check valve and pump savings per year – $2,710.00 (replacement costs)
Water softener repair savings per year – approximately $350.00
Total savings in one year – $15,650.00

John M. Hennif

Softouch Advanced Car Wash System

My acceptance of MWT (magnetic water treatment) was not easily won, taking me about five years to totally believe in the treatment. Problems don’t usually happen immediately; they show up years down the road. But after five years without any problems, that’s when I was convinced it was working. My favorite benefit of the products is the low maintenance and the environmental aspect of them. Some of the men in the plant think the ease of their water treatment system is “the norm,” but I know what “the norm” (chemical water treatment) is all about, and I’m thankful I don’t have to deal with it any longer.

Rich Smith

Stripco, Inc.

McLouth Steel has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by preventing the normal downtime associated with scale deposition that plagued our cooling system. The return on investment of the Superior units was less than one year.

Thomas Chulibrk

McLouth Steel

The equipment just keeps running, running and running…it’s great, we have had no problems with it.

Jurg Hauptli

L&L Products, Inc.

As a company, we always battle hard water issues in our pools, spas, and water features. We were constantly answering questions about how to deal with this very unsightly issue and the cost to chemically remove. I tested your water conditioner in my own pool for a year before bringing the product into Cody Pools. I was very impressed with the results. We now recommend your water conditioners to all of our clients! If someone has calcium issues, I recommend they contact you. You have found a way to deal with an industry-wide issue that affects the vast majority of my counterparts.

Mike Church

Cody Pools

I live in Tempe, Arizona, where the water is extremely hard right out of the tap. I’ll stretch and say that most pool owners, including myself, experience a continuous calcium build-up on the pool tile, which requires expensive tile cleaning every couple of years.

I had your water conditioner (100gpm) installed over 14 months ago on my pool and spa. To date, the pool tile shows no calcium build-up at all. I have also noticed the filter cartridges do not show any calcium build-up either. I’ve seen several very similar products come and go. None have performed like your water conditioner.

All that said, if you are looking for a product to virtually eliminate calcium build-up, then I highly recommend this product.

Buzz Ghiz

45-year veteran of the swimming pool industry

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