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Industrial Water Treatment

Water Treatment Services for Industrial Applications

Industrial Water Treatment Applications

  • Boilers
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Cooling Towers
  • Chillers
  • Evaporative Condensers
  • Injection Molding Machines
  • Annealing Furnaces
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems

Don’t see your application listed? Superior Manufacturing Corporation provides benefits for dozens of industrial water treatment applications. Contact our headquarters in Fort Wayne, IN for more information on our industrial water conditioners and our industrial water treatment products and applications.   Contact Us

What You Gain from Our Industrial Water Treatment Products

  • Prevents scale formation
  • Softens & loosens existing scale
  • Controls corrosion
  • Reduces white rust
  • Minimizes maintenance
  • Eliminates the need for chemicals
  • No environmental impact

Our boiler is much cleaner with the Superior unit than when we used chemicals. The Superior unit saves our company thousands of dollars each year. In fact, we’ve recommended this unit to over 30 other companies and engineers, including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Bob Bernardin

Protective Coatings, Inc.


Industrial Water Conditioners by Superior Water Conditioners control scale and corrosion and reduce operational costs. Our industrial water conditioning service includes customized water treatment system sales, installation, and after-sales support for your facility.


The rigorous demands on performance for industrial equipment make effective scale and corrosion control even more challenging—and the value of Superior Water Conditioners even greater. According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, just 1/16 inch of scale on a heat transfer surface requires 15% more energy and 1/2 inch of scale demands 70% more energy. Maintaining scale-free surfaces assures optimum heat transfer coefficients, enabling maximum benefits from your equipment and reduced energy required. Additionally, because our systems consume no energy or chemicals and have no negative environmental impact in operation, they require no hazardous material reporting. By passing water through the proprietary multi-field magnetic technology, the minerals are altered to a state where they cannot form scale. Instead, the minerals form a light aragonite talc on the inside of pipes and the wetted surfaces of equipment which prevents free oxygen in the water (one of the most common causes of corrosion) from attacking the metal surfaces. Excessive solids settle to the bottom of the system in a soft, purgeable form that is easily removed through manual or automatic bleed-offs. Systems can range from the smallest to largest industrial applications, ranging from 4 GPM to 8,000 GPM and up.


When it comes to the treatment of water for industrial use, you can turn to Superior Water Conditioners to provide you with the solution you need. Our chemical-free, magnetic water conditioning technology controls scale and corrosion in industrial water treatment systems that’s at par (or even better) than other industrial water treatment systems currently on the market.

Moreover, when our industrial water conditioner underwent testing for more than 400 different types of applications, the outcome consistently showed that our product delivered effective industrial water treatment without harming the ecosystem. By using our multi-field permanent industrial water conditioner to optimize your industrial water treatment system, you can reap the following benefits:

  • Smooth Integration – Installing our magnetic water conditioner in your industrial facility will be seamless, as we designed our product to fit the size of your operation.
  • Great Value – The removal of chemicals is only part of the savings you’ll get when you use our product. You’ll also enjoy an adjusted internal rate of return of more than 50 percent.
  • Minimize Water Treatment Expenses – Using our product brings down possible costs associated with the chemical water treatment, such as acidizing, equipment corrosion and maintenance and energy for chemical feed pumps.


Although some industrial water treatment companies claim to fix water problems, the range and quality of their industrial water treatment services may vary. As such, choosing an industrial water treatment company for your industrial facility may appear challenging. As long as you look out for the following, though, it is not:

  • Technology Used – The technology behind the company’s water treatment system must be effective, just like our product. Our industrial water conditioner uses magnetic water technology to manage scale and corrosion effectively without harming the environment.
  • Custom Solutions – The top industrial water treatment firms understand that industrial companies have unique water needs. We made our magnetic water treatment system customizable so that it can address the specific water needs of our clients.
  • Case Studies – Reading up case studies is an easy and reliable way of verifying a company’s reputation. If you need proof of the effectiveness of our product, we have a page of case studies that show how our product resolves real-world industrial water treatment issues.

If you’d like to learn more about our industrial water conditioning system, get in touch with us using our contact form.

Industrial Water Treatment – Application

If you’re thinking of getting our magnetic industrial water conditioner for industrial water treatment purposes, you can use it on the following equipment:

  • Cooling Systems – Installing our industrial product in your cooling tower eliminates scale buildup and results in a higher efficiency rate. Additionally, you can discharge water safely, as our industrial water conditioner does not add chemicals to the industrial water treatment process. You can have peace of mind knowing that the released water is non-hazardous to the environment.
  • Boilers – Our product keeps heat transfer coefficients at an optimum level by controlling the formation of scales on boiler surfaces. When the surfaces are scale-free, you reduce downtime and maximize the use of your equipment.

Industrial Water Treatment – Industrial process cooling & heating/steam applications

Our industrial water conditioners will protect the internal surface and components of your cooling towers and heating/steam boilers. You can be certain of its anti-corrosion and scaling effect, ensuring efficient heat transfer and accurate energy consumption.

Industrial Water Treatment – HVAC

Our industrial water conditioners ensure an optimized HVAC performance, preventing scale buildup in its tubing.


Model No. Application Capacity Inlet-Outlet Connections Diameter Length Weight
RT-500 Small Boiler 4 GPM 1/2″ FNPT 1 1/2″ 12 5/8″ 4 lbs.
RT-750 Small Boiler 8 GPM 3/4″ FNPT 1 3/4″ 13″ 5 lbs.
RT-1000 Small Boiler 15 GPM 1″ FNPT 2 1/4″ 13 1/2″ 7 lbs.
SF-1250 Boiler 30 GPM 1 1/4″ Flange 6″ 19 3/8″ 27 lbs.
SF-1500 Boiler 50 GPM 1 1/2″ Flange 7 1/2″ 23 3/4″ 51 lbs.
SF-2000 Boiler 75 GPM 2″ Flange 8 1/2″ 28″ 68 lbs.
SF-2500 Boiler 110 GPM 2 1/2″ Flange 9″ 31″ 82 lbs.
SF-3000 Boiler 175 GPM 3″ Flange 10″ 35 5/8″ 117 lbs
SF-4000 Boiler 250 GPM 4″ Flange 11″ 39 3/4″ 170 lbs.
SF-5000 Boiler 350 GPM 5″ Flange 13 1/2″ 37 5/8″ 308 lbs.
SF-6000 Boiler 500 GPM 6″ Flange 16″ 40″ 485 lbs.
SF-8000 Boiler 700 GPM 8″ Flange 19″ 42″ 703 lbs.
SF-10000 Boiler 850 GPM 10″ Flange 21″ 52″ 868 lbs.
SF-12000 Boiler 1100 GPM 12″ Flange 23 1/2″ 54″ 1190 lbs.
SF-14000 Boiler 1400 GPM 14″ Flange 25″ 56″ 1478 lbs.
SF-16000 Boiler 1800 GPM 16″ Flange 27 1/1″ 66″ 1830 lbs.
SF-18000 Boiler 2600 GPM 18″ Flange 32″ 66″ 2600 lbs.
SF-20000 Boiler 3100 GPM 20″ Flange 34 1/4″ 74″ 2953 lbs.
SF-24000 Boiler 4000 GPM 24″ Flange 38 3/4″ 74″ 4050 lbs.
ACV-2 Cooling Tower 80 GPM 2″ Flange 8 1/2″ 22″ 24 lbs.
ACV-2.5 Cooling Tower 120 GPM 2 1/2″ Flange 9″ 25″ 29 lbs.
ACV-3 Cooling Tower 180 GPM 3″ Flange 10″ 26 3/8″ 90 lbs.
ACV-4 Cooling Tower 300 GPM 4″ Flange 11″ 29 1/2″ 127 lbs.
ACV-5 Cooling Tower 500 GPM 5″ Flange 13 1/2″ 37 5/8″ 268 lbs.
ACV-6 Cooling Tower 650 GPM 6″ Flange 16″ 40″ 409 lbs.
ACV-8 Cooling Tower 900 GPM 8″ Flange 19″ 42″ 598 lbs.
ACV-10 Cooling Tower 1200 GPM 10″ Flange 21″ 52″ 744 lbs.
ACV-12 Cooling Tower 2000 GPM 12″ Flange 23 1/2″ 54″ 1021 lbs.
ACV-14 Cooling Tower 3000 GPM 14″ Flange 25″ 56″ 1246 lbs.
ACV-16 Cooling Tower 3800 GPM 16″ Flange 27 1/2″ 66″ 1581 lbs.
ACV-18 Cooling Tower 5000 GPM 18″ Flange 32″ 66″ 2163 lbs.
ACV-20 Cooling Tower 6400 GPM 20″ Flange 34 1/4″ 74″ 2497 lbs.
ACV-24 Cooling Tower 8000 GPM 24″ Flange 38 3/4″ 74″ 3303 lbs.