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Cooling towersWhen cooling towers operate, they use a large amount of water. The water contains dissolved minerals that could build up over time and cause scaling and deposits in the cooling system. For this reason, cooling tower systems require reliable water treatment, as businesses cannot afford to operate a cooling system that is even a bit inefficient.

If your facility requires an effective way to treat the water in your cooling tower, turn to Superior Water Conditioners. Our multi-field permanent magnetic water conditioner provides non-chemical water treatment for cooling towers. It enables your cooling system to operate at a higher efficiency rate by getting rid of the accumulated scale. Our chemical-free water treatment system also provides you with considerable savings in water, money, energy, and time while utilizing eco-friendly and user-friendly water treatment methods.

We take pride in the fact that our magnetic water conditioner is simple to install, requires no replacement parts or maintenance, and typically lasts for decades in many applications. Additionally, our water treatment system comes with a 10-year limited warranty.


You get to reap these benefits when you take advantage of a cooling tower water treatment without chemicals:

  • Prevents Scale Formation – Water traveling through our magnetic water conditioner causes the minerals to remain suspended in the water, which inhibits the formation of brittle and hard scales on the cooling system.
  • Stops Corrosion – Waterborne minerals usually form hard and crystalline structures, which contribute to the development of corrosion. Our water treatment system takes care of these minerals by preventing their formation. The powder settles on the water side of condensers and the inside of pipes to prevent free oxygen in the water from attacking the metal surfaces and causing corrosion.
  • No Hazmat Reporting Required – Our water treatment system uses no chemicals, consumes zero energy, and does not negatively affect the environment. This means you don’t have to make those hazardous material reports.
  • Saves You Money – Our magnetic water conditioner also protects your bottom line. By preventing the accumulation of scale and corrosion on your cooling towers, you can expect immediate and automatic returns on your water usage and energy consumption. Lower operational and energy costs translate into significant savings down the line.

Another great thing about our magnetic water conditioner is you can use it for applications beyond cooling towers. Use our water treatment system for things like heat exchangers, chillers, annealing furnaces, and injection molding machines. We encourage you to call us at 260.456.3596or send an email toinfo@superiorwaterconditioners.com if you need further information about our products.

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Our multi-field permanent magnetic water conditioner, which you can use as a cooling tower water treatment without chemicals, is unique compared to competitor products that may be similar. Our proprietary magnetic water conditioning technology does more than applying a magnetic field to water to control scale and corrosion effectively. We adhere to a precise formula based on the diameter of the pipe and the flow rate of water. Following this formula enables us to choose the appropriate water conditioner model for the designed water flow rate of the application.

Besides sticking to our formula, our water conditioner has a unique process when it comes to the magnetic treatment of water. As the water in the cooling system travels through our system’s treatment chamber, it goes through a series of magnetic fields that are permanent, alternating, and polarity reversing. This process disrupts the natural scale-forming properties of magnesium carbonate and calcium carbonate by briefly changing their ionic charge.

As a result, the minerals in the water precipitate out of the solution as powdery or amorphous aragonite instead of hard rock-like calcite. Any excessive solids that settle to the bottom of the system are easily removable by a process called a bleed-off.

Given the fact that our magnetic water conditioner does not use any chemicals, our treatment process does not affect the purity of the water in any way. It gives you peace of mind knowing that you have the option to discharge the water in your cooling tower legally and safely.

Installing Water Treatment Systems for Cooling Towers

Count on us to provide industrial water treatment services suitable to the needs of your cooling tower. Our service includes installing a multi-field permanent magnetic water conditioner that is right for your cooling tower. Once we complete the installation of our water treatment system, it will stop scaling and corrosion from negatively affecting the performance of your cooling system. Our water conditioners will also safeguard the internal components and surface of your cooling tower.

Additionally, you’ll be glad to know that the integration of our magnetic water conditioner to your cooling system will be seamless. Expect zero disruption in the water supply.

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Man fixing boilerIndustrial companies that are using a boiler in their facilities typically need some water treatment system to generate quality steam. The production of quality steam is important, as it is a crucial component in central heating, industrial processing, food preparation, and power generation.

If you are searching for the appropriate system for your facility’s boiler, come to Superior Water Conditioners for chemical-free boiler water treatment. Our proprietary multi-field permanent magnetic water conditioner safeguards your boiler system from harmful corrosion and scale without the use of harsh chemicals. By keeping your boiler scale-free, you enable maximum equipment utilization and obtain optimum heat transfer coefficients.


When you use a non-chemical water treatment system for your industrial boilers, you avoid industrial problems like boiler failure, costly maintenance fees, and plant downtime. Furthermore, a chemical-free water conditioner for your boiler offers these great benefits:

  • Prevents Corrosion – When waterborne minerals form crystalline structures, they cause rusting in the boiler and affect the equipment’s performance and lifespan. Our magnetic water conditioner prevents this from happening by stopping minerals from turning into hard structures. As a result, these minerals form light aragonite talc, which is easily removable through a process called a blowdown.
  • Protects Your Bottom Line – When our unique magnetic water conditioner prevents the buildup of corrosion and scale in your boiler, you bring down operating expenses. Additionally, you are likely to spend less money on repairs and fuel. This cost decrease results in significant savings down the road.
  • Keeps Your Facility Safe – Our water treatment system helps your boiler achieve top performance, making the equipment safe and efficient to operate.
  • Stops Scale from Forming in Boiler Pipes – When water goes through our treatment system, our conditioner keeps the minerals suspended in the water, preventing them from forming scales or deposits in the boiler.


The technology behind our magnetic boiler water treatment system is different from the products offered by our competitors. When water from the boiler pipes passes through the treatment chamber, the alternating, permanent, and polarity-reversing magnetic fields in our proprietary water conditioner temporarily alters the ionic charges of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate. As a result, the molecules in these chemical compounds repel each other and precipitate as powdery or amorphous aragonite. The great thing about aragonite is that it helps control corrosion by stopping free oxygen and other corrosive elements in the water from destroying the metallic components of the boiler pipe.


Part of our industrial boiler water treatment service is installing the appropriate multi-field permanent magnetic water conditioner on your steam boiler. Once we finish setting up our water treatment system, it starts protecting your boiler’s components. Our water conditioner stops the formation of corrosion and scale, so your boiler delivers accurate energy consumption and efficient heat transfer.

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