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How It Works

Watch this short video for a brief overview of how the Superior Water Conditioner works. Or if you prefer to read the explanation, scroll down!


Superior Technology

Cutaway image of the Superior Water ConditionerSuperior Water Conditioners use a unique, exclusive technology that you won’t find in any other water treatment system. This technology, the inline multi-field permanent magnetic fields, not only prevents new scale from forming, but also reverses the effect of existing scale. It also protects against corrosion.

Superior Water Conditioners work by altering the behavior of hard water minerals, inhibiting their formation and negative effects—a complex problem simply solved by Superior technology. Superior Water Conditioners magnetically alter the natural characteristics of hard water minerals, making it difficult for them to bond together and form a hard brittle scale. Instead, they remain in a suspended state and will either flow on through, or can be easily purged from, water-using equipment and plumbing systems. Superior technology also has zero environmental impact because it requires no energy or chemicals to operate.

Scale build-up without a Superior Water Conditioner

When water flows through the Superior Water Conditioner’s treatment chamber, it is subjected to a series of alternating reversing-polarity permanent magnetic fields, which alters the ionic charge identity of minerals in the water that would naturally form scale. Instead of attracting each other and sticking together to form scale, they repel one another and form a soft, powdery aragonite talc that flows through the system without forming scale. This aragonite talc forms a microscopic layer over pipes and water-using equipment, protecting it from corrosion.

The Superior Water Conditioner also reduces the water’s surface tension, causing it to become wetter and more soluble. This causes it to dissolve existing scale in the system, effectively cleaning it out and preventing new scale without the use of chemicals. This whole process uses no chemicals, no electricity, and nothing with environmental impact.

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