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Superior Residential Water Treatment Systems

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Residential Applications

  • Main Line
  • Ice Maker
  • Water Heater
  • Humidifier
  • RO Systems
  • Garden Hose
  • Geothermal System
  • Solar Heater
  • Swamp Coolers

Don’t see your application listed? As a family-owned water treatment provider in Fort Wayne that’s been around since 1964, Superior Manufacturing Corporation provides benefits for hundreds of residential applications, as well as specifically designed units for Original Equipment Manufacturers.


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Magnetic Water Treatment for Residential Applications

Magnetic Water Treatment for Residential Applications

We will tailor the water conditioner to your specific plumbing system and your requirements so that integration will be easy. From washing machines and dishwashers to solar heaters and lawn systems, know that your water supply will be constant, efficient, and work properly no matter the application.

Residential Water Treatment Systems


Superior Manufacturing Corporation helps homeowners protect their plumbing system and related appliances from lime/scale build-up and corrosion. Energy efficiency and life expectancy of equipment are also increased, saving both time and money while reducing maintenance costs.

With our superior water treatment system, you can maintain the peak efficiency of your plumbing system and prolong its life cycle.

Water treated with Superior’s water conditioners will dissolve existing scale and help protect your plumbing system from future scale build-up, resulting in optimum water pressure throughout your home and increased life expectancy for your appliances and plumbing system.

A chemical-free water treatment is your best option to ensure that your appliances are also safe and your family is healthy.

Water Heater Applications

Superiorized® water will help soften and loosen existing scale buildup and protect against future accumulation. Periodic flushing is required to remove the loosened scale and/or mud from the bottom of the tank. Proper water conditioning will extend the life expectancy of the water heater, provided it is maintained as described above.

superior water treatment installed on hot water heater

Main Line Applications

Dissolves existing scale formation and protects the plumbing system from future scale build-up, thereby maintaining water pressure throughout the home. Washing machines and automatic dishwashers will perform equally as well with reduced amounts of detergent and additives.

main water line application

Humidifier Applications

Controls scale, reduces maintenance and extends evaporative media life. Keeps lines, valves and solenoids operating properly.

Automatic Ice Maker Applications

Controls scale formation in key areas including augers, solenoids and valves, helping to maintain peak efficiency and extending equipment life. Reduces ice “clouding.”

Pretreatment of Reverse Osmosis Systems

Controls scale formation, which inhibits membrane flow, increases system efficiency, extends membrane life and eliminates the need for soft water supply.

Garden Hose Applications

Improves the effectiveness of fertilizers and chemicals by making them more soluble and increases plant uptake. Improves sudsing and rinsing properties of cleaning products on cars, boats, motorhomes, etc.

Geothermal System Applications

Reduces or eliminates problems that are related to water hardness in geothermal systems. Maximizes thermal transfer efficiency and extends life of the equipment, saving time and money.

Solar Heater Applications

Controls scale and corrosion on heating surfaces, collectors, valves, lines and controls. Maximizes thermal transfer and performance of equipment.

Swamp Coolers

Controls scale build-up on the evaporative media, sump and solenoid or float valve, maintaining peak efficiency and extending equipment / parts life, reducing the need for expensive service calls.



Model No. Max. Flow Rate Application Inlet-Outlet Connections Diameter Length Weight  
I 3 GPH Ice Makers 1/4″ Compression 1 1/4″ 4 7/8″ 1 lb.  
H 6 GPH Humidifiers 1/4″ Compression 1 1/4″ 5 3/8″ 1.1 lb.  
GH 5 GPM Sprinkler-Lawn/Garden Standard Garden Hose Fittings 1 1/2″ 6″ 2 lbs.  
R 6 GPM Water Heaters 3/4″ FNPT 1 3/4″ 9″ 3 lbs.  
RX 9 GPM Mainline: Homes w/ up to 1 1/2 baths 1″ FNPT 2 1/4″ 9 1/4″ 5 lbs.  
RX-Special 12 GPM Mainline: Homes w/ up to 3 1/2 baths 1″ FNPT 2 1/4″ 13″ 7 lbs.  
RES 20 GPM Mainline: Homes 1″ FNPT 2 1/4″ 15″ 8 lbs.  
R-150 35 GPM Mainline: Home 1 1/2″ FNPT 2 5/8″ 15 3/4″ 13 lbs.  
R-200 50 GPM Mainline: Home 2″ FNPT 3″ 16 1/4″ 15 lbs.  
GT-1 4 GPM Geothermal systems 1/2″ FNPT 1 1/2″ 12 5/8″ 4 lbs.  
GT-2 8 GPM Geothermal systems 3/4″ FNPT 1 3/4″ 13″ 5 lbs.  
GT-3 15 GPM Geothermal systems 1″ FNPT 2 1/4″ 13 1/2″ 7 lbs.  
SPS-20-P 20 GPM Pool/Spa 1″ PVC Socket 2 1/4″ 9 3/4″ 4 lbs.  
SPS-45-P 45 GPM Pool/Spa 1 1/4″ PVC Socket 3″ 15 3/8″ 8 lbs.  
SPS-75-P 75 GPM Pool/Spa 1 1/2″ PVC Socket 3 1/16″ 14 7/8″ 8 lbs.  
SPS-100-P 100 GPM Pool/Spa 2″ PVC Socket 3 1/4″ 15″ 10 lbs.  
SPS-150-P 150 GPM Pool/Spa 2 1/2″ PVC Socket 4 5/16″ 19 1/4″ 19 lbs.  
SPS-200-P 200 GPM Pool/Spa 3″ PVC Socket 5 7/16″ 21″ 21 lbs.  
SPS-250-P 250 GPM Pool/Spa 4″ PVC Socket 6 1/4″ 23″ 36 lbs.  

The Superior Manufacturing Corporation Difference

As an eco-friendly residential water treatment provider in Fort Wayne, our products don’t need energy to run, which means you save money. Our products are also easy to install and require no maintenance or replacement parts, performing well, typically for decades.

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