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Hard water, which contains dissolved calcium and magnesium, has no severe impact on human health. It can, however, significantly damage your plumbing over time. The dissolved minerals will inevitably harden, build-up inside your pipes, and increase the water pressure. So, aside from blocked pipes, you could also be charged higher water bills.

In households where limescale has already accumulated within the water pipes, residents resort to a quick solution: liquid limescale removers. But, while effective, they can also be harmful to the environment.

At Superior Water Conditioners, you won’t have to choose between extending the life of your plumbing and doing your part in preserving the environment. As water conditioning system manufacturers, our products allow you to do both!

Too Salty!

Liquid limescale removers often contain a high concentration of salt, which is effective at removing limescale. It comes, however, at the expense of the environment: runoff from the chemical remover can re-enter nature, especially if the public infrastructure for water treatment is not up to date.

An excess of sodium in the ground reduces its potential to sustain plant life. So, when the salt accumulates in the root zone, it affects the plants’ ability to absorb water and dehydrates them in the long run. Additionally, runoff contains oil and rust, both of which are toxic to terrestrial and marine ecosystems.

The Chemical-Free Approach

Fortunately, technology now allows us to “soften” hard water without needing to use chemicals or salts. We can do this through the “magnetic treatment,” a procedure that we use at Superior Water Conditioners.

Instead of introducing chemical substances into your pipes, we use technology to change the ionic charges of the magnesium and calcium in the water. This disrupts their natural tendency to bond and form limescale along the inner lining of your water pipes. The beauty of this technology is that it can remove existing scale while preventing further buildup from occurring.

So, with this chemical-free solution, you can hit two birds with one stone. You can save your plumbing from scale deposits while sparing the environment from harmful substances.

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