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Fort Wayne’s #1 Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaners Just Got Eco-Friendlier

Superior Manufacturing welcomes Peerless Cleaners as a new customer, and commends them for their excellent service to the community and their contribution to the environment.

For over 100 years, Peerless Cleaners has served Northeastern Indiana with excellence. Starting in 1915, Peerless is the oldest full service cleaner in the area. They have built their reputation on expert service, quality, value, and attention to detail. Their experience allows them to determine the best cleaning method for each individual garment.

Peerless has been caring for the environment by implementing eco-friendly cleaning practices such as:
• Using Safe Disposal Methods
• Recycling Hangers
• Installing Energy Efficient Lighting
• Using Non-Toxic, 99% Organic and 100% Biodegradable Detergents
• Installing Energy Efficient Boilers and Dryers to Reduce Fuel and Electricity Costs

In just the past two years, Peerless has been honored with three awards, one of which was Plant of the Year Award for Best Plant Design in the United States.

To go a step further in caring for the environment and cutting operational costs, Steve Grashoff, President has recently made the decision to discontinue using chemicals in his boiler for scale and corrosion control and install a Superior Water Conditioner in their place.

By choosing Superior for his water treatment needs, his boiler blowdown is now 100% chemical-free, and harmless to the environment, and his ROI is very short, since this one-time purchase will eliminate the ongoing costs of the chemicals he has used for years to treat his boiler.

We appreciate the opportunity to assist Peerless Cleaners with their water treatment needs in the most cost-effective, user-friendly, and environmentally-safe way with their application of the Superior Water Conditioner.