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One of the common water quality issues Americans face every day is hard water. This type of water contains excessive minerals (specifically magnesium and calcium), which create all sorts of problems from minor annoyances to potentially major plumbing issues. Therefore, when hard water is flowing inside your home, you may experience the following problems in your plumbing.

Stains on Your Fixtures

Hard water produces calcium deposits in your plumbing system, which appears yellow or white. They typically show up on your sinks, showerheads, and faucets. The build-up of these deposits can make your fixtures look filthy. Even if you find a way to get rid of the deposits, they will eventually reappear if hard water passes through your pipes.

Clogging of Pipes

While some consider the pipe fixture stains the least of their concerns, they must not ignore what hard water can do to the pipes. Similar to how high cholesterol can cause fat deposits to obstruct your arteries, the limescale building up inside the tubes will eventually impede the passage of water.

As a result, your plumbing system will have to work harder to compensate for a less efficient output. Eventually, the water pressure will become so low that you won’t have a choice but to replace your pipes.

Below Par Water Heater Performance

Hard water is bad news for water heaters as it decreases the appliance’s efficiency and drives up the operating cost. The limescale will settle to the bottom of the tank and form a layer that heat has to go through to warm the water. Moreover, you’ll need to flush water heaters every three months (as opposed to once a year) to efficiently remove the built-up deposits in the tank.

Fortunately, Superior Water Conditioners has a solution that will take care of your hard water problems. As an innovative water treatment company in Fort Wayne, we provide residential water treatment systems to help homeowners protect their fixtures and tanks from limescale accumulation and corrosion. With our system, you can extend the lifecycle of your plumbing system and maintain its peak efficiency.

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