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What Are Water Softener Alternatives?

Water Softener Alternatives

Hard water deposits are a common problem for American homeowners. Many people turn to water softeners when attempting to eliminate problems such as hard water mineral stains on clothes and mineral deposits on dishes, uncomfortable showers, and water from the kitchen faucet that tastes unpleasant. Using a water softener is a much less costly alternative than allowing the problem to go unchecked and paying large plumbing or repair bills later.

Some homeowners prefer to use a water softener alternative because of the high sodium content in softened water. They may not care for the taste of sodium in their drinking water or need to restrict their intake for health reasons. Fortunately, several water softener alternatives exist. It is simply a matter of determining which one makes the best water softener alternative for your situation.

Magnetic Water Conditioning Offers the Same Solutions Without Added Salt With Regards to Lime Scale Control

This water softener alternative, which also goes by the name magnetic water treatment, reduces the negative effects of hard water minerals when the water travels through multiple reversing polarity magnetic fields. This alternative to traditional water softeners uses no salt or other chemicals at all to condition water for scale control, and makes it more usable and drinkable for homeowners. It works by altering the molecular structure of minerals in the water such as calcium and magnesium to a more inert form of mineral that won’t build up in the form of lime scale. Some of the specific benefits of this water softener alternative include:

  • Soap, shampoo, & detergents lather better
  • Soap and shampoo rinse off quickly and easily in the shower
  • Ability to clean skin better and enjoy healthier drinking water
  • Detergents rinse more completely from dishes and clothing in the laundry
  • Provides cleaner dishes and clothes
  • Reduces the packing and building up of iron
  • Reduces or eliminates hard water scale and corrosion
  • Coffee makers, dishwashers, and washing machines run more efficiently, thereby saving you money on energy requirements, costly repairs or premature replacement


Template Assisted Crystallization

This salt-free hard water conditioner could make the best water softener alternative for some homeowners. It operates on the premise of not allowing calcite scale from hard water deposits to form on their own and instead creating a small-sized scale of crystals in an alternative form called aragonite that will not stick to pipes and other equipment in the home that routinely has water passing through it.

Hard water mineralized scale needs a point of nucleation in order for scale crystal formation to thrive. This typically occurs inside of your plumbing system, which includes the walls and heating elements of your water heater, other appliances, and plumbing system. Mineral scale forms the fastest on hot surfaces. This is the reason that heat exchangers and water heater elements are well-known for creating a buildup of scale and the need for a water treatment product in the first place.

Hard water conditioners powered by Template Assisted Crystallization use a set of polymeric beads that offer a preferred spot for nano-crystal formation. These nano-crystals contain a build-up of hard-water scale that this water softener alternative eliminates before it has the chance to cause damage to elements of the water heater. The crystal formations grow from the beads until they break off after reaching a larger size.

The benefit of this process that offers a water softener alternative is that the crystals stabilize and remain within the flow of water rather than forming hard water deposits on the sides of plumbing pipes and hot water heaters. Another name for this process is Nucleation Assisted Crystallization. This water softener alternative first became available in the United States and Canada around 2010 and has grown widely in popularity since then.

water softener alternatives

Water Conditioners Specifically for Dishwashers

Hard water scale in the dishwasher results in spots on dishes that can stain them permanently. It also means that your bowls, plates, cups, pots, pans, cooking utensils, and silverware do not get as clean as they should and you risk illness eating from dirty dishes. Like the shower head solution, you can consider purchasing and installing a saltless water conditioner just for your dishwasher.

Benefits of Using Water Conditioners Without Added Salt

Saltless permanent magnetic water conditioners offer many benefits besides removing sodium from the diet of individuals who don’t want to consume it. For example, it costs much less to operate this type of water softener alternative because it does not require you to regularly purchase large bags of salt or other chemicals to operate it. These systems also tend to be more compact than water softeners that require salt for proper operation.

Saltless permanent magnetic water conditioners are also better for the environment because they require no electricity to run them. Nor do they waste a lot of water as a salt-using water softener does during the regeneration process. An additional environmental benefit is that there is no water waste at all, which means that sodium and chloride contaminated water will not drain back into the ground.

Find the Best Water Softener Alternative with Superior Water Conditioners

Superior Water Conditioners offer industrial, commercial, and residential applications for people seeking water softener alternatives across the country. We celebrate our 55th anniversary in 2019 and have established a reputation for providing high-quality water softener alternative products and excellent support to the dealers who purchase and install them for their customers.

If you are looking for water softener alternatives to present to your customers, we encourage you to review the information on this page and to contact us with any additional questions you might have. We understand that consumers are sometimes slow to consider alternatives to traditional water softeners that require salt for proper operation. That means you need solid information to convince them that equally valid water softener alternatives exist. Superior Water Conditioners is here to support you as you provide service to your end users.




  • Reduces surface tension of the water, which will allow soap & shampoo to lather better while also reducing the amount of detergents in the dishwasher & laundry
  • Reduces or eliminates hard water scale and corrosion
  • Provides cleaner & more thoroughly rinsed dishes & clothing
  • Soap and shampoo rinse off quickly and easily in the shower


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