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Chemical-Free Water Treatment

With more than 50 years of success and hundreds of thousands of installations around the globe, the Superior Water Conditioner is the performance leader for reducing scale and corrosion in industrial, commercial and residential applications, worldwide.

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Superior is the innovator of the in-line multi-field permanent magnet—the company’s exclusive, unique and proprietary technology that distinguishes us from all other non-chemical water treatment systems.

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Superior is known for the long-lasting durability and high level of engineered quality and attention to detail built into every product.

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Customer Testimonial

Since the Superior units were installed 18 months ago, I have totally removed the eight (8) Kinetico water softeners that softened the water at both facilities. The initial expense of the units was $12,000.00.

Here is a complete breakdown of total savings per year since the installation of the Superior units:
Savings of the cost of salt per year - $5,000.00
Savings in chemicals per year - $2,490.00
Natural gas savings at 30% - $4,500.00 (based on this year’s current rate)
Boiler maintenance savings per year - $600.00
Check valve and pump savings per year - $2,710.00 (replacement costs)
Water softener repair savings per year – approximately $350.00
Total savings in one year - $15,650.00

John M. Hennif, Softouch Advanced Car Wash System